Tyler Cavanaugh
PFTyler Cavanaugh80215.5313635238.64212972.416720932.061.163.770.640.210.420.061.694.500
Scouting Report
Could eventually make a team
Doesn't really look for the shot
Decent outside
Average at best inside
Not a threat driving to the hoop
Struggles mightily in transition
Rarely gets to the line
Good foul shooter
Will shoot some threes
Rarely passes
Average offensive rebounder
Not a real threat on the defensive board
Doesn't play the passing lanes well
Rarely blocks a shot
Needs to work on basic ball handling
Mediocre defender
Not much of a chance to stick on a team
Player Contract
Year 12.00
Year 20.00
Year 30.00
Year 40.00
Year 50.00
Year 60.00
Player Attributes
LoyaltyVery Low
Play for WinnerVery Low
Playing TimeAverage
SecurityVery Low
TraditionVery Low
Player Awards
Player Highs
points 13 7 13 7
rebounds 10 7 10 7
assists 5 1 5 1
steals 2 4 2 4
blocks 1 1 1 1
double double 0 0
triple double 0 0
Career Stats