Jabari Parker
PFJabari Parker78614.7722850145.51546583.083916623.490.812.880.710.861.010.211.607.040
Scouting Report
Has a chance to develop into a useful player
Very hard to handle outside
Steady inside
Steady driving to the hoop
Pretty good from the foul line
Will shoot some threes but tends to force them up
Will look to pass on occasion
Average offensive rebounder
So-So defensive rebounder
Nice job forcing some turnovers
Commits fair share of turnovers
Don't expect many rejections on defense
Struggles handling the ball
Solid defender
Belongs in the league but not in your rotation
Player Contract
Year 11.50
Year 21.50
Year 30.00
Year 40.00
Year 50.00
Year 60.00
Player Attributes
LoyaltyVery Low
Play for WinnerAverage
Playing TimePoor
SecurityVery Low
CoachVery Low
Player Awards
Player Highs
points 21 10 21 10
rebounds 10 3 10 3
assists 3 2 3 2
steals 3 3 3 3
blocks 2 1 2 1
double double 1 1
triple double 0 0
Career Stats