Fantasy-Liga Injuries
1122009Al Horford Warriors3 Neck spasms
1122009Jason Williams Nuggets4 Strained left calf
1122009Chris Mihm Knicks40 Left knee swelling
1122009Ryan Hollins Mavericks6 Left ankle tendinitis
1132009Josh Howard Pistons51 Left knee tendinitis
1132009Michael Ruffin Bulls3 Sore left toe
1142009Walter Herrmann Pacers57Fractured fifth metatarsal in ri
1152009Mike Miller Thunder3 bruised right knee
1152009Russell Westbrook Thunder3 left hip contusion
1152009Jameer Nelson Grizzlies15 Sprained left knee
1172009DeAndre Jordan Wizards5 Concussion
1172009Jose Calderon Blazers3 Back spasms
1172009Zach Randolph Pacers4stretched tendon in right ring f
1172009Mike Dunleavy Knicks4 Sore right ankle
1172009Danny Granger Pacers3 Zygomatic bone in right side of
1182009Baron Davis Lakers3 Strained right hamstring
1192009Damien Wilkins Magic6 Strained left hamstring
1192009Luke Walton Thunder10 Lacerated right hand
11112009Kyrylo Fesenko 76ers4 Hyperextended elbow
11122009Quentin Richardson Suns6 Bruised tailbone
11152009Tyrus Thomas Bobcats10Patella tendinitis in right knee
11152009Ronnie Price Heat8 Lateral left ankle sprain
11162009Ryan Bowen Spurs13 Hyperextended left knee
11162009Greg Oden Cavaliers3 bruise in right foot
11172009Speedy Claxton Hawks3 Inflamed left elbow
11212009Renaldo Balkman Bulls3 Family Issues
11222009Shelden Williams Knicks4 Broken Nose
11222009Fabricio Oberto 76ers125 Cervical bulging disc
11232009Luol Deng Suns4 right thigh contusion
11232009Ron Artest Spurs4 Thigh cramps
11242009Josh Smith Bucks3 abdominal strain
11252009Chris Paul Hornets3 Left ankle bruise
11252009Brian Scalabrine Spurs3 Inflammation in right knee
11272009Larry Hughes Wizards2 Food poisoning
11282009Will Bynum Pistons3 Right knee contusion
11292009Daequan Cook Bobcats4 Food poisoning
11292009Gilbert Arenas Wizards3 Sore right knee
11292009Andre Iguodala Kings4 Concussion
11292009Fred Jones Rockets11 Left foot stress reaction
11292009Dominic McGuire Bobcats4 sprained neck
11302009JJ Hickson Cavaliers4 Ingrown Toenail
1212009Andrew Bogut Magic4 Lower back pain
1212009Calvin Booth Spurs3 Strained left groin
1232009Marvin Williams Raptors4 right leg pain
1232009Steve Nash Warriors12 Right shoulder strain
1232009Kenyon Martin Pacers3 Bi-lateral plantar fasciitis
1242009Carmelo Anthony Magic3 Bone chip in right wrist
1242009Cartier Martin Bobcats3 Lower back pain
1252009Stromile Swift Hornets13 pulled left hamstring
1252009Sonny Weems Wolves39 Family Issues
1262009Jameer Nelson Grizzlies4 Migraine
1282009Marcus Camby Rockets6 Strained lower back
1282009Al Horford Warriors4 Atrial fibrillation
1282009Anthony Roberson Raptors4 high left ankle sprain
1292009Anthony Morrow Blazers3 Lower back pain
12112009Mikki Moore Wizards113 Torn left thumb ligaments
12122009Troy Murphy Suns10 Inflammation in right knee
12122009Keith Bogans Grizzlies120 Stress fracture in right foot
12142009Antoine Walker Magic4 Strained right hamstring
12162009Manu Ginobili Celtics6 Strained left hamstring
12162009Chuck Hayes Hawks13 Sprained right ankle
12162009Luther Head Raptors51 Left peroneal neuropathy
12172009Mario Chalmers Heat4 Migraine
12172009Luol Deng Suns17 Lacerated right hand
12182009Nenad Krstic Blazers1 Cramped right hamstring
12222009Jamaal Tinsley Wolves30 Tendinitis Rt. knee
12242009Marvin Williams Raptors3 Right thumb
12242009Larry Hughes Wizards6 Strained right plantar fascia
12252009Steve Novak Pistons4 Sore left knee
12252009Shaun Livingston Raptors10 Bone spur in left ankle
12282009Brevin Knight Bulls4 Strained right groin
12282009Jose Calderon Nets15 Left elbow bursitis
12282009Mario West Hawks26 Fractured right orbit bone
12292009Andrew Bynum Knicks3 Sprained right big toe
12302009Rafer Alston Celtics3 Ingrown Toenail
12302009Leandro Barbosa Suns12 Sprained right knee
12302009Jameer Nelson Grizzlies4 bruised right knee
12312009Michael Redd Knicks13 Groin
12312009Jerry Stackhouse Hornets8 Bruised left calf
112009Jason Kidd Bucks4 Neck spasms
122009Kevin Martin Bulls3 bruised right knee
122009Delonte West Warriors5 Sore back
132009JR Smith Wizards3 Back spasms
132009Mardy Collins Nuggets3 Left knee sprain
142009Primoz Brezec Nuggets10 Strained left calf
152009Richard Hamilton Mavericks4 Left big toe sprain
152009Jeff Foster Hawks6 Lower back pain
152009David Lee Raptors1 left hip contusion
152009Kevin Ollie Jazz8 Strained hamstring
162009James Singleton Heat55Left knee infrapatella tendiniti
172009Danilo Gallinari Wizards6 Sprained right ankle
182009Joey Dorsey Pistons5 Sprained right ankle
192009Greg Oden Cavaliers4 Strained left calf
192009Darius Miles Warriors11 Bruised right clavicle
1102009Kirk Hinrich Kings3 Bone spur in left ankle
1102009Gerald Wallace Bobcats3 Sinus infection
1112009Channing Frye Grizzlies8 Sesamoiditis of left toe
1122009DJ White Rockets4 Migraine
1132009OJ Mayo Raptors3 Zygomatic bone in right side of
1132009Gerald Wallace Bobcats4 Cramped right hamstring
1152009Gilbert Arenas Wizards15 Bruised right clavicle
1162009Jason Thompson Hawks8 Sprained left big toe
1172009Etan Thomas Celtics6 Sore left ankle
1172009Kevin Durant Thunder8 Lower back pain
1212009Marquis Daniels Bobcats5 Broken Nose
1222009Stephen Jackson Spurs17 Hyperextended left knee
1232009Devin Harris Bobcats46 Right knee tendinitis
1232009Thaddeus Young 76ers4 Right thumb
1242009Damien Wilkins Magic4 Migraine
1252009Javaris Crittenton Celtics6 Back spasms
1272009Rodney Carney Grizzlies6 Right shoulder contusion
1282009Chris Kaman Clippers4 Neck spasms
1282009Jamaal Tinsley Wolves4 Sinus infection
1282009Michael Beasley Celtics33 Right knee tendinitis
1302009Morris Peterson Bulls3 Right hip flexor
1302009Anthony Tolliver Raptors6 Left shin contusion
1312009Ime Udoka Wolves4 Bilateral patella tendinitis
212009Deron Williams Suns3 deep left thigh contusion
212009Quentin Richardson Suns4 dislocated toes on right foot
242009LeBron James Cavaliers10 Ear infection
242009Monta Ellis Magic11 Strained left groin
242009Marco Belinelli Wizards6 Right hip strain
252009Morris Peterson Bulls3 Strained right quadriceps
252009Andray Blatche Pacers4 left wrist sprain
262009Josh Boone Clippers4 Migraine
272009Jason Williams Nuggets6 Left foot inflammation
272009Baron Davis Lakers17 Jaw contusion
2122009Antoine Wright Nets8 Right ankle synovitis
2152009Yi Jianlian Grizzlies3 right thigh contusion
2152009Nicolas Batum Thunder4 Lower back pain
2162009Marcin Gortat Bobcats3 Strained left groin
2172009Jermaine O'Neal Knicks17 Bruised right clavicle
2182009Alando Tucker 76ers13 Sprained right thumb
2192009Jameer Nelson Rockets55 Right knee surgery
2192009Gerald Wallace Bobcats4 Left calf strain
2202009Andre Miller 76ers4 Sore right ankle
2202009Antonio Daniels 76ers3 Right hip flexor
2222009Gilbert Arenas Wizards4 Strained right hamstring
2222009Luke Walton Thunder8 Sore right wrist
2232009Donyell Marshall Rockets6 right thigh contusion
2242009Steve Nash Warriors3 Mild concussion
2242009DeShawn Stevenson Nets8 Right corneal abrasion
2252009Zydrunas Ilgauskas Pacers4 Strained right groin
2262009Tracy McGrady Clippers4 Left ankle sprain
2262009Ron Artest Spurs4 Strained left calf
2282009Brevin Knight Bulls6 Sore left ankle
2282009Chris Paul Hornets8 Sore back
2282009Louis Amundson Heat13 sprained right hand
332009Carmelo Anthony Magic3 Jaw contusion
332009Jamaal Tinsley Wolves3 Right thumb
342009Allen Iverson Jazz3 illness
352009Kenyon Martin Grizzlies10 Sore back
362009Hamed Haddadi Wolves12 sore right achilles
372009Zach Randolph Pacers4 Left quadricep tendinitis
372009Mehmet Okur Cavaliers3 Back spasms
392009Carlos Boozer Kings4 Left hip flexor
392009Al Thornton Nuggets4 Left leg
3102009Manu Ginobili Celtics6 Left thumb
3102009Andrew Bogut Heat4 Hyper-extended right knee
3102009Jamaal Tinsley Wolves6 Right hip contusion
3102009Marcus Camby Rockets3 Ingrown Toenail
3112009Francisco Garcia Nets4 Inflamed left elbow
3112009Brad Miller Bulls5 Atrial fibrillation
3122009Rafer Alston Celtics35Left knee infrapatella tendiniti
3132009Jose Calderon Nets6 Strained right groin
3172009Ray Allen Blazers8 deep left thigh contusion
3182009Devin Harris Raptors3 Migraine
3192009Jarvis Hayes Magic4 Left leg
3202009Shawn Marion Wizards3 Concussion
3212009Damien Wilkins Celtics1 Mild concussion
3212009Will Solomon Bucks8 Right groin pull
3212009Brandan Wright Kings12 sore left shoulder
3222009Baron Davis Lakers5 Strained lower back
3232009Greg Oden Cavaliers6 Pulled right groin
3242009Steve Novak Pistons6 Sprained right wrist
3262009Sean May Suns3 right thigh contusion
3262009Anthony Johnson Warriors4 bruised right knee
3272009Michael Redd Knicks3 left hip contusion
3272009Danilo Gallinari Wizards4 Neck spasms
3282009Sasha Vujacic Wolves8 Strained left calf
3292009Andre Brown Suns1 Right thumb
3302009Beno Udrih Knicks13 Left calf strain
422009Carl Landry Hornets4 left wrist sprain
422009Leandro Barbosa Suns6 Cramped right hamstring
422009James Singleton Heat4 Left shin contusion
442009Andray Blatche Pacers6 Strained left hamstring
452009Ike Diogu Heat3 Broken Nose
462009Renaldo Balkman Bulls6 Bruised left calf
462009Nenad Krstic Blazers3 Bone bruise in right foot
472009Joe Johnson Pistons4 Thigh cramps
472009Manu Ginobili Celtics8 Sprained right ankle
472009Mario West Magic8 Left ankle tendinitis
482009Josh Howard Pistons6 Strained right hamstring
492009Julian Wright Knicks53 Fractured right orbit bone
492009Michael Ruffin Bulls5 Strained right heel
4102009Russell Westbrook Thunder33Fractured fifth metatarsal in ri
4102009Amir Johnson Magic55Partial tear of right Achilles t
4112009Nenad Krstic Blazers13 Sore left toe
4112009Zach Randolph Pacers3 Strained right groin
4112009Al Jefferson Jazz3 strained calf
4112009Renaldo Balkman Bulls4 Strained right groin
4122009Al Horford Warriors4 Left shoulder bruise
4122009Allen Iverson Jazz4 Back spasms
4122009Corey Maggette Nuggets3 Knee
4132009Michael Redd Knicks3 Hyperextended right elbow
4132009Chris Wilcox 76ers3 Knee
4142009Jose Calderon Nets4 deep left thigh contusion
4142009Brad Miller Bulls3 jammed right thumb
4142009Robert Swift Mavericks8 Inflammation in left shoulder
4152009Steven Hunter Heat51 Left knee tendinitis
4152009Antoine Walker Magic6 bruised right knee
4162009DeAndre Jordan Wizards57 Right knee tendinitis
4162009Antonio Daniels 76ers4 right thigh contusion
4182009Brevin Knight Bulls4 Left shoulder tendinitis
4182009Ime Udoka Celtics4 Hernia
4192009Shawn Marion Wizards3 Bruised left calf
4192009Andrew Bynum Knicks3 Strained left groin
4192009Derek Fisher Nuggets2 right leg pain
4202009Hilton Armstrong Kings3 Right adductor strain
4212009Steve Francis Jazz56 Right knee tendinitis
4222009Rashad McCants Pistons4 left hip contusion
4222009Earl Watson Mavericks3 Jaw contusion
4222009Corey Maggette Nuggets14 Left knee sprain
4242009Kevin Garnett Thunder3 Bruised left gastroc muscle
4242009John Salmons Hawks10Sore right shoulder and left hip
4252009Ron Artest Spurs3 Bruised left calf
4252009Rasual Butler Mavericks109Left knee infrapatella tendiniti
4262009Renaldo Balkman Bulls3 Cramped right hamstring
4262009Nate Robinson Pacers3 Sprained right big toe
4282009Jarron Collins Spurs6 Left foot inflammation
4282009Damien Wilkins Celtics28 Hyperextended elbow
4282009Adam Morrison Hornets6 Strained lower back
4292009Jamario Moon Knicks11 Left quadricep tendinitis
4302009Jamaal Tinsley Celtics3 Right knee contusion
532009Jamal Crawford Grizzlies3 Sinus infection
532009Calvin Booth Spurs53 Fractured left foot
1012009Allen Iverson Jazz53Left knee infrapatella tendiniti
1012009Manu Ginobili Celtics12 Knee
1012009Roy Hibbert Cavaliers17Sore right ankle and Achilles te
1032009Francisco Garcia Nets22 Right knee contusion
1032009Tyrus Thomas Bobcats4 Neck spasms
1092009Ryan Hollins Mavericks8 Hyperextended right elbow
1092009Shane Battier Kings6 Back spasms
10102009Caron Butler Mavericks4 Migraine
10112009Quincy Douby Magic11 Right groin strain
10112009Marcin Gortat Bobcats359 Torn left thumb ligaments
10112009Carmelo Anthony Magic3 Hyperextended right elbow
10142009Shawne Williams Jazz55Left knee infrapatella tendiniti
10162009Ryan Bowen Spurs10 Sinus infection
10172009Cheikh Samb Raptors11 Strained groin
10172009James Jones Suns1 Personal business
10192009James Singleton Heat10 Sprained right big toe
10232009Quentin Richardson Suns15 Sprained right ankle
10232009Patrick O'Bryant Jazz6 Strained right plantar fascia
10242009Jerry Stackhouse Hornets28 fractured right hand
10252009Darius Miles Warriors8 Sore back
10262009Andrei Kirilenko Celtics3 Strained back
10272009Dorell Wright Wizards120 Left patella tendinitis
10272009Jared Jeffries Hawks8 Sinus infection