FL31 Leaders
pomost valuable playerteam
SGDevin Booker Magic
SGBradley Beal Suns
PGDamian Lillard Pistons
PFAl Horford Suns
CKarl-Anthony Towns Magic
podefensive playerteam
SGMyke Henry Nuggets
SFThabo Sefolosha Pacers
CDwight Howard Celtics
PFChristian Wood Pistons
CNikola Vucevic Pacers
porookie of the yearteam
PGJohn Wall Rockets
PFChris Boucher Magic
PFChristian Wood Pistons
PFJohnathan Williams Pacers
CMitchell Robinson 76ers
po6th Man Awardteam
PGDerrick Rose Pacers
CMitchell Robinson 76ers
CMarc Gasol Suns
CGorgui Dieng Knicks
SGJ.J. Redick Pelicans
poscoring leaderteamppg
PGLou Williams Nuggets29.36
PGDonovan Mitchell Nets28.07
PGDamian Lillard Pistons27.19
SGDevin Booker Magic26.39
SGZach LaVine Grizzlies26.21
porebound leaderteamreb
CDwight Howard Celtics14.79
CHassan Whiteside Pelicans13.89
CNikola Jokic Nuggets12.57
CKarl-Anthony Towns Magic12.50
PFChristian Wood Pistons12.00
poassists leaderteamast
PGTyus Jones Magic8.28
PGRajon Rondo Knicks7.71
PGChris Paul Suns7.21
PGKyrie Irving Pacers7.20
PGTrae Young 76ers7.07
posteals leaderteamstl
SGMyke Henry Nuggets4.64
SFThabo Sefolosha Pacers3.56
PGKyrie Irving Pacers3.50
PGTyus Jones Magic3.00
SFSam Dekker Magic2.56
poblocks leaderteamblk
CMitchell Robinson 76ers3.50
PFChris Boucher Magic3.17
CHassan Whiteside Pelicans2.44
PFJordan Bell Grizzlies2.07
CJakob Poeltl Suns1.86
All League 1stAll League 2ndAll League 3rd
PGDamian Lillard PistonsPGJohn Wall RocketsPGDonovan Mitchell Nets
SGDevin Booker MagicSGBradley Beal SunsSGJimmy Butler Wolves
SFKevin Durant CelticsSFJabari Parker PelicansSFTobias Harris Clippers
PFAl Horford SunsPFJulius Randle RocketsPFJohn Collins Pelicans
CKarl-Anthony Towns Magic CHassan Whiteside Pelicans CDwight Howard Celtics
All Defense 1stAll Defense 2ndAll Defense 3rd
PGKyrie Irving PacersPGChris Paul SunsPGJrue Holiday Celtics
SGMyke Henry NuggetsSGZach LaVine GrizzliesSGBradley Beal Suns
SFThabo Sefolosha PacersSFTrevor Ariza WolvesSFKevin Durant Celtics
PFChristian Wood PistonsPFJordan Bell GrizzliesPFNoah Vonleh Clippers
CDwight Howard Celtics CNikola Vucevic Pacers CHassan Whiteside Pelicans
All Rookie 1stAll Rookie 2ndAll Rookie 3rd
PGJohn Wall RocketsPGDerrick White PelicansPGTrae Young 76ers
SGLandry Shamet RocketsSGMyke Henry NuggetsSGWill Barton Nuggets
SFMikal Bridges GrizzliesSFFurkan Korkmaz SunsSFJosh Okogie Magic
PFChris Boucher MagicPFChristian Wood PistonsPFJohnathan Williams Pacers
CMitchell Robinson 76ers CMohamed Bamba Nuggets CThomas Bryant Bucks